Sunday, November 20, 2011

Seoul: Trick Eye Museum

At the Trick Eye Museum (트릭아이미술관), one can dance in raining money or plant a kiss on an overweight Mona Lisa. The interactive museum features paintings that create optical illusions on flat surfaces. Famous and artworks and fantastic scenes are turned into 3D images, allowing visitors to interact with the characters aside. No matter how young or old, one is guaranteed to be entertained at the Trick Eye Museum. Locations include Hongdae and Jeju Island.

Trick Eye Museum
B2 Seogyo Plaza, Seogyodong 357-1, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Hours: 10am-10pm

Hongik University Station (Line #2), Exit #9
From Exit #9, walk straight and turn left at VIPs restaurant. Walk until you arrive at Starbucks, then cross the street into the pedestrian road on the right (there are two). A purple sign that reads "Trick Eye Museum" will be on your right.